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Bingo Glossary

Blackout - (Also, Coverall) Bingo pattern where you need to cover all the numbers to win the game.

Bonanza - A progressive jackpot with blackout pattern. Before the game 45 numbers are extracted that players cover on a separate card and put aside. An extra fee is required to participate. The countdown starts at forty-eight numbers or less and one number each week is drawn until someone wins or until 52 numbers are drawn.

Caller – The person that calls out loud the draw numbers.

Chat Room – In many online bingo sites you can join the chat room and chat with other players who are logged in.

Coverall – See "Blackout".

Dauber - A special marker filled with ink that has a wide foam tip. Players use it to cover drawn numbers on their bingo card.

Early Bird Game - Bingo game that begins before another regularly scheduled game

Free Space – Central square on every bingo card. It is used as a wild card.

Game Board – The board where the balls in play are displayed. It is usually above the bingo cards.

Game Room – Many online bingo halls have different bingo rooms you can play at.

G.T.I., T.E.D. – Automatic dauber system players use when playing multiple packs at the same time. It usually requires an extra charge and each player can have only one.

Hardway Bingo (Hard-way Bingo) - Bingo in a straight line where the central square is not used.

Jackpot - A large amount of money players can win if they complete the most difficult pattern with a defined number of balls.

Top Of The Hour Jackpot - Particular bingo games with large jackpots that can be played on the hour, every hour, during a defined time period.

Minimum Buy-in - The minimum number of cards you need to buy to qualify for the prize.

Money Ball - If a player hits bingo on this number his prize is doubled.

Pattern - Shape you need to cover with drawn numbers on the bingo card to win.

Progressive Jackpot - Jackpot where the money value increases with each play until it is won. Separate buy-in is required to qualify.

Rainbow Pack - Paper pack with which players can pay for multiple denominations at the same time.

Six-pack, Nine-pack - One card with six or nine numbers block.

T.E.D., G.T.I. – See "G.T.I., T.E.D".

Validation - Eligibility required to win for example progressive jackpots.

Wild Number - Normally played on double bingo that leads into triple bingo. It is defined by the first drawn number. If for example this number is 42 all the numbers that end in 2 should be marked off.

Card - Bingo card consist of 25 boxes out of which 24 are numbered and the central one is blank. The boxes are arranged in 5 rows and 5 columns. Each letter of the BINGO name labels one column, B being the first one, I the second and so on. In the 75 ball bingo the first column contains numbers from 1 through 15, the second 16 through 30 and so on. As a number is called the player covers. To win bingo a player need to cover the required pattern.

Free Square – See "free space".

Payout Percentage - The proportion of the sales that the house pays back out in prizes. In online bingo this proportion is usually 70%.

Sign Up Bonus - A welcome bonus offered by most online bingo websites. It usually matches 100% of your first deposit up to $100. It is usually not possible to cash it out until you have met the waging requirements.

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