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Poker Online: Playing In A Virtual Setting

Poker Online: Playing In A Virtual SettingAs one of the most popular games in the world today, it is no wonder that it didn’t take long for the poker craze to hit the world wide web. Poker is one of the most searched words on the internet today, and millions are logging onto the internet to both try their luck at some online poker or to read up on the latest tips, techniques and strategies. These days people can play poker over the internet from the comfort of their own home. This new ability has been credited for the major increase in poker players and interest in the last few years. In 2001 the online poker revenues worldwide was estimated at $82.7 million and in 2005 it was estimated to be at around $2.4 billion. The first real-money online poker game was offered by in 1998.

Since the first online poker game, numerous poker online sites have been set up, most notably the $340 million acquisition by Sportingbet in 2004, when they set up This was the first time an online cardroom was owned by a public company.

Although there are thousands of online poker sites, the majority of the traffic goes to only a few of the top, most popular poker online sites. Amongst these are pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, and the iPoker Network. The majority of high-stakes poker online is done at Full Tilt Poker. The entire top 10 highest winners from online poker came from this site in 2008.

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