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No Deposit Bingo

New online bingo websites are being launched constantly. Recently there are more websites from the UK than USA due to the new gaming laws and regulations. In order to attract players to join them, these new online bingo providers claim to offer something better than other bingo websites, such as excellent customer service, fast payouts, latest software, and much more. However marketing is simply not enough to convince players to invest their money in something they see for the first time. Thus, to be able to prove the players they exceed in the above mentioned services many sites also offer the no deposit bingo bonus. With this bonus players can check out if they like the website, the atmosphere, and the games that are offered without having to spend a dime. Another great thing about the free no deposit bonuses is that players can use them to either learn how to play the game if they are new at bingo, or to try a new strategy if they already have experience in playing the game.

To start playing with your no deposit bingo bonus all you have to do is to register at the website after you have either downloaded the free software or opened the flash version of the online bingo hall. Bingo sites that accept players from the US usually give 5 bingo bonus bucks (also called the bbz) that correspond to $5. Bonuses at the sites open to players from the UK are higher, ranging normally between £5-15. The bonus bingo bucks in the European websites are similar to those in the UK sites, as the bonus strategy is quite firm and non competitive. From time to time a new bingo site will give a higher bonus that can sometimes reach $30, however these offers are usually time limited.

When you join the website and decide to simply give it a try using the no deposit bonus you don't have to open an account with real money. Instead you get your bbz account. Whatever winning you might make with your free bingo bonus, you will not be able to cash. This is because the free bingo bucks are only a tool to try out the website and the games, and have no real value. The sites that only offer free bingo will not allow any money payout. Some sites however will give you the opportunity to cash out winning gain by playing the free bingo bucks bonus. The trick is that you will have to open a real cash account and make the minimum required deposit, usually around $25, before being able to withdrawal your previous winnings. Various online new bingo sites regulate this payout amount based on your wagering, or to a defined sum. This way the players cannot abuse the bonuses. When you open the real money account and make your first deposit, every time you win the amount you won will be transferred to this account and you will be able to cash out your winnings.

Most online bingo sites offer other games besides bingo. Some of these websites will give you a certain amount of bingo cards as the no deposit bonus, plus a certain number of credits on another game. Other websites will simply give you bonus bingo bucks you can spend on either bingo or another game. In this case normally the other game will be slots machine or video poker, however sometimes you might even find progressive slot machines. Since these other games usually spend the credit much faster than bingo, and you cannot cash in the winnings you made with bonus bingo bucks or get another bonus, it is better you don't waste your bbz.

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