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Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot whose final value grows little by little with each play. This type of jackpot is usually linked to gaming machines such as slots and video poker. The gaming machines are normally connected to a single progressive jackpot. This way the final jackpot is much bigger and it also increases much quicker as many people are contributing to it.

The prize for winning a jackpot is usually a big amount of money. To win the jackpot a player must hit the combination bring the highest winning at a regular game, such as a royal flush at video poker, or five of the most valuable symbols at slots. Once a player wins the jackpot the machine will go back to the predefined minimum value. The main difference between the regular and the progressive jackpot is that each time some player plays on a machine that is connected to the progressive jackpot he increases the final prize. This way instead of having one machine with a set jackpot and a limited number of players there are many machines with a jackpot that constantly progresses because there are many more players. The amount by which the jackpot increases is set by the casino. Since the big prize of the progressive jackpots attracts many players the casino is more than willing to put in some of their profit. This means that they reduce some of their income initially knowing they will make more later on, since most progressive jackpots normally require you play the highest credit limit in order to qualify.

Even if only one part of the players is eligible for the jackpots, that is to say only those who play the maximum credits, each player playing on the machine contribute to the final value. In a game that requires a higher maximum credit the jackpot will usually rise faster and higher than in the game where this credit is lower. A simple example can give the right idea of how this works. If one game needs 10 credits in order to qualify for the jackpot while another game needs only 5 credits, players will usually choose the latter one, thinking that playing 10 credits is a bit too much for them. If they normally play 3 credits they will play 5 credits without thinking it over too many times since there is not that big of a difference between 3 and 5 credits and the prize is very large. Yet since there is such an important difference between 3 and 10 credits it is more probable that the players will keep playing their standard 3 credits at a 10 credit machine. By doing this they will not be eligible for the jackpot but they will add to it.

There is a very good reason to play progressive jackpots, and that is the huge amount of money a player can win if he gets the highest combination. Even if it requires a higher amount of credits to participate in the final prize, the more people play the larger the amount will be in the end. Each casino has different payout process and different minimum credit required to qualify, therefore you can choose the one that best suits you.

Whether you are going to play a progressive jackpot or a regular game depends solely on your preferences. The chances to win are more or less the same even though there are certain strategies for improving your advantage at progressive slots. However these strategies are for the most part prohibited by most casinos and many of them are nothing more than pure theories.

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